Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sunday, 26 June 2011


The city of pastries and hot dogs.. What's not to love!?

Myself and 3 other of my chicks flew out to Copenhagen, Denmark to visit my beautiful long lost best friend who has been on exchange out there since last August.

Airport arrivals was like a scene from 'Love Actually' and i'm pretty sure most of the airport thought we all had hysteria with our emotional behaviour when re-united.

Our little Liverpool-turned-Danish beauty looked amazing as expected, with sun bleached blonde curls & a nice golden bronzé, wearing a pink tye-dye jumpsuit and sporting a very European bike with basket!

Everybody had a bicycle.. everybody..
Most of the traffic on the roads were bikes, and we even had a little go our selves one drunken night, which all ended in disaster after an idea to ride in heels and give each-other seaters..(backies/takies?)
But luckily.. it was only a few cuts and bruises.

We had an amazing time, drinking champagne and scoffing Meg's home-made chilli on the rooftop, shopping all the vintage stores, running from a police raid in the cush district - all completely faded, sipping Chai latte's and eating popcorn muffins in underground cafe's, and raving to D&B in the old meat packing district..

Another trip/city i'll always remember, with the girls i'll never forget..

 This is my favourite picture.. There was a variety of padlocks all along the bridge..

 I really wanted this jacket. It was in sale for £50.. bargain. Wish I had of gotten it now!

YES.. we ate A LOT of scrumcious food.


Camo Jacket: Zara
MTV tee: R/I
Levi Shorts: Vintage
Trainers: Nike Vintage Blazers - Ink
Leather tassle rucksack - Topshop
Sunglasses: Rayban
Jewelry: Various silver/Turquoise

I didnt want to leave...

But it was nice to make it home & see a certain someone, who I think missed me some-what..

H x