Thursday, 5 July 2012


I guess I speak on behalf of millions of women when I say....

Frank Ocean came out as a gay man yesterday morning with a moving typed piece on his tumblr, which he then posted to twitter.

I think what he has done is brave and he has such a way with words that it was represented stunningly..
To be homosexual in the urban music industry musn't be an easy thing to confront. Massive respect from me.

Although I still couldnt help let out a little sigh..

Love to Frank xo

(Incase you dont know.. This is FO and here it is in his words..)

Monday, 2 July 2012

Melissa Odabash

My new Jewellery crush..
I'm in love with this jewellery designer... and the thing is.. It's not too expensive either!
The bracelets are my fave, they use a mixture of turquoise, rose gold, and black... My dream.
One million per cent treating myself to one of these come my first pay packet as an AB!

Peace & Lorrrve
H x