Friday, 27 April 2012


I know I said last year that I would of gone this year.. But I mean it this time when I say next year... I WILL BE AT COACHELLA!

Planning my outfits already..

Did you spot the running trend?...
ALL of the chicks are skinny!
It annoys me that no matter how shit and plain your outfit choice may be, if your skinny, you still look amaze. (Although I do adore the leopard kecks in the first image!) 

H x

Thursday, 26 April 2012

I'm so sad..

and naughty.. because it's 2:11am and I'm still awake - NOT revising when I really should be, but instead, creating a mood board of my outfit choice for my graduation ball.
Which is ironic really considering I wont be graduating if I don't pass these exams!
But anyway..
I'm wearing a bronze/burnt orange H&M conscious dress, black Office platform sandals, a black Miss Selfridge clutch, Topshop gold cross chains, gold hoops and rings, Topshop nail colours, Cheryl Cole inspired make-up by Illamasqua and Lana Del Rey inspired hair..<3

Love H x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

☮ The Fashion Circus ☮: Icon - Miroslava Duma

☮ The Fashion Circus ☮: Icon - Miroslava Duma: Miroslava Duma was previously the Editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia, she now works freelance for a number of publications. Aside from this, ...

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Last Thursday (29.03.12) I couldn't of been happier..
My Friend Beth arrived from Newcastle to visit & we had a big night planned on the Friday night.
Although I had been informed by email that my Maria Francesca Pepe jewellery was not going to arrive in time for the Friday because of an ecom fault, amazingly it arrived!
and not only did it arrive BUT for my 'inconvienience' they had included a small gift along with my order.
The small gift was the best gift ever! It was a little gold sleeper hoop earring with a 'H' charm dangling from it!!
As you can imagine I was over the moon, so I felt I needed to share this with you all!
A picture of the gorgeous jewellery is below taken with Instagram.
The necklace is a thick rose gold chain as worn by Rihanna at the Brit awards 2012, and the ring is gold with a dangly cross charm! YUM - in love.

 I wore a cream silk top from Topshop, Motel leopard print high waisted skinnies, & Kandee studded ankle boots.
H x