Monday, 8 November 2010

Fashion's Dirty Secret..

DISPATCHES PRESENTS: Fashion's Dirty Secret 08/11/10

A documentary tonight on Channel 4 shows reporter Tazeen Ahmad exploring the dark side behind high street fast fashion products and where they are being produced. 

I found this programme particularly interesting due to the work I am in now I deal with suppliers on a daily basis and it is important to be constantly aware of where your bought product is being manufactured and packaged from start to finish in order to comply with company rules and regulations and ethical trading standards.

However as a young fashion concious women how much do we really take into account when buying value fast fashion garments from the high street!?..

I for one have the thoughts there at the back of my mind but barely take them into consideration when buying a garment for a night out I know i may only wear once or twice. 

"Inside the dirty basement of a textile factory we have filmed in, workers are packed into a windowless room. Their heads are bent low over noisy and unsafe sewing machines; the fire exits are blocked and when they get their much-longed for break they sit on boxes to eat their lunch. The conditions are not just poor, they are appalling."

Should we as customers be recognising the real cost behind our throw away tee's and act on this in order to create better working environments for these poorly paid people or are we too obsessed with our insatiable appetite for dirt cheap fashion??

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