Thursday, 2 December 2010


Early hours of Saturday morning I will be en route to Liverpool airport with my chicks to fly to Amsterdam.
We are staying in this infamous district, not sure whether you will have heard of it?..
I'm pretty worried for the well being of me & my 6 other friends. It could get messy.

But the one thing on my mind (and all the other girrrls) at this precise moment is of course.. What am I going to wear!?
I think I have it covered now as I have lots of winter essentials, plus an outfit for what will be a crazy night at TIMEWARP.
This includes: Leather high waisted shorts, over the knee knitted socks, shearling buckle ankle boots (gotta keep the tootsies warm!) a long sleeved olive coloured crop top and big peacock feather earrings :) Sorted..
A few Amsterdam essentails:

As for the days I will just have to wrap up to the absolute max.. I've heard its -6 & heavy snow..
Wish us luck!..

H x

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