Thursday, 19 January 2012

Such a fox..

All the Spring/Summer look book's have emerged and it's making me depressed; as I am still pale, large and skint from the repercussions of Christmas. Although it does give me motivation and large amounts of excitement for what this summer may hold!

My Wishlist is already HUGE so i'm getting a bit of overtime in at work while I can before the wrath of fourth and final year at uni kicks back in!

I am LOVING Wildfox's SS12 look book, the photographs are beautiful and below are a few of my fave pieces which I most def will be saving my pennies for..

Also if you follow me on twitter, you will have experienced my annoyance over the past two nights RT'ing @KandeeShoes. They have a give-away each night & I am desperate for a pair of these babies..

Yes.. Now you understand right!?
They WILL be mine somehow.

Annndd finally, this was on my Christmas list but didn't make the cut and i'm still overly pining for a piece of MFP jewelry. This ring being my fave..
Next pay day...

This weekend i'm going to do some outfit posts of some new pieces I got over the Christmas! (Late as always.)

Love H xo

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