Thursday, 24 February 2011


Ok Soo, this week has been a busy week for fashion and I was extreamly saddened that I couldnt attend any of the London fashion week days due to work. However I have been keeping myself in the know via the LFW website and the Telegraph reports online - as well as some interesting word of mouth, of course!

annndd... I gotta be honest with you, I am not usually controversial when it comes to fashion as I am easily pleased with beautiful clothing, however, I wasnt balled over this season. Nothing majorly stood out to me and if i'm totally brutal, to me, it was lacking that sparkle that usually has me captivated. I dont know, maybe it's because I wasnt part of the whole experience, as it's easy to sit back at home on your laptop and tap away on the keys spilling self opinions on the hard work and effort of these amazing designers. But I just felt as though I had seen everything before. There was nothing new, and my usual admiration for Ms Vivienne slowly decreased, and as I waded through the images from her show last sunday I found myself scowling a little.. wasnt impressed.

However there was one show that did impress me. This collection is totally up my street and (if only) I had the money I would endeavour to buy the lot!
Gorgeous colour palette, gorgeous textures, gorgeous prints and gorgeous shapes.
I present to you MR Matthew Williamson:

Peace, H x

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