Monday, 21 February 2011

Tinie Tempah @ Manchester Apollo 19/02/11

Accompanied by the very talented Katy B and my new bff GFRSH who bazaarly trusted a slightly tipsy Hannah to parade about in his iced out 'I STAY FRSH' chain. Probably the most expensive thing i've ever worn? What a ledge.

The show was brilliant. Need not mention Tinie's efforts. Postman Pat always delivers..

Cut out dress: ASOS
Tassle Bag: H&M
Jewelry: Claudia Pink
Leopard Nails: Rebel (

Love H xx


  1. You are so beautiful!! Love your dress too!

  2. Awwh Thank you thats so lovely!
    I'll check out you're site x

  3. wow that outfits wonderful!
    love your nails!
    and arm bracelet thing george!
    following! :)

  4. Thanks Lady. I'll take a look at your site x