Monday, 18 April 2011


Couldn't be anymore jealous of the Coachella 2011 go'ers!
And I was considering turning a blind eye from it all completely but I couldn't NOT have a sneaky browse at the 2011 fashion trends at the festival this year..
It all looks so summery and colourful - I love it.
80's bum bags were being sported and there seam to be a lot of sheer maxi's which I like.
I have been itching for pay day to arrive so I can purchase a good camo jacket for the spring.. Rihanna wore a fab one shown below..
However the running theme everyone seams to have cottoned on to, is the Navajo/Native american trend. My favourite it's got to be said.
Even Kayne was rocking it..

 ..maybe next year ey?

H xx


  1. amazing inspiration. Everyone is so chic.xx

  2. Oh you're not alone in the jealousy x