Sunday, 24 July 2011

Amy Jade.. 1983 - 2011

The Mail stated a "Deeply flawed soul prodigy" and that she was..
and although a lot of the world had already become accustomed to the saying
"It's only a matter of time" regarding to Amy including her Mother Janis who once quoted this; when the news broke yesterday, it still greatly shocked the world.

Predictable? Definitely. But it certainly doesn't make it any less tragic.
Her name will be reluctantly added to the list of lyrical legends who prematurely passed away at this exact age: Kurt Cobian, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison to name but a few.
The idols of the live-fast-die-young trend who's life in the fast lane unfortunately caught up with them all too soon. Another unprecedented addition to the notorious 'Club 27'.

Working with producers Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi and soul-funk group the Dap-Kings, Winehouse fused soul, jazz, doo-wop and, above all, a love of the girl-groups of the early 1960s with lyrical tales of romantic obsession and emotional excess.
For many, it was her 2006 record Back to Black that drew her artistic fame. Featuring emotional numbers like “Back to Black,” “Tears Dry on Their Own,” and “Love Is a Losing Game,” the album went on to win five Grammy awards.
'Rehab' being the most relevant in her case now..
'I did [go to rehab], for just 15 minutes,' she told The Sun at the time. 'I went in and said, "Hello" and explained that I drink because I'm in love and have f****d up the relationship. Then I walked out.'
But it is sad that Winehouse is most famous for her heavy drink and drug use that spiraled out of control leaving her nothing but a lost musical soul, who's performances grew more and more anguished and pathetic as time went on.

She was undeniabley unique with her statement beehive, tattooed body and black kohl flicks above her eyes; as well as her unusual wraspy voice that soothed the world.

Spotlight really began to grow on Amy when the singer struggled with her personal life. The media, as usual, were all too happy to provide cameras and lights for every fragment and failure. Winehouse’s relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil, a former video production assistant, was rough to say the least.
Fielder-Civil said he introduced Winehouse to heroin and crack cocaine. Amy admitted to having trouble with self-harm, eating disorders, depression, etc. She cancelled shows or showed up to gigs in no condition to perform, often stumbling through sets forgetting words and so forth.

Recently Amy performed in Belgrade, Serbia, which will now be remembered as her last live performance before her death. Which addmittedly is very sad as it was cut short and Amy was pulled from the stage due to her state.
I watched the videos on Youtube with great upset as Amy is clearly distressed, disorientated and out of her mind of drugs as she stubbles round the stage, crowd booing her, eyes rolling, hands over her face, struggling to remember any of the words to her once glorified songs; wrote with such meaningful and genious lyrics that meant a lot to her..

“I’m not surprised she’s dead,” is the siren call of the unimpressed.
For others, we’ll remember an extreamly talented girl with a vulnerable voice, singing songs that reflected the burning desire for her vices... Love & Drugs..

Rest in peace Amy
H xx

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