Monday, 4 July 2011

My first EVER Youtube cover..

Ok so I know I always mainly blog about my fashion interests right.. But I also have another passion.. and that is singing. I've always wanted to do it but always been to much of a scardy-cat!

I don't know what was in my water today but I came home from work and decided tonight I was going to do a video cover.. brave or what?

So I did... 
I Did Frank Ocean's American wedding and over the past 2 hours have just shown the link to my closest friends, BUT because of the gorgeous reaction and support they have given me I think (possibly with regret!) it could be an idea to show you guys??

PLEASE note: I Fuck up 2:04-2:07 because I forget were i'm up to and the confusion shows on my face haha!
I also forget a few words.. but hey it was my first try!

Here we go...

H xx


  1. your really good! Xx

  2. I love frank ocean, and you did a good job!:)