Sunday, 4 December 2011

Trash Threads - Behind the scenes..

Trash Threads is a new independant clothing brand set up by my friends Jenna Spence, Bethan Williams and Ashleigh Yates.

They use original photography and inspiration for their T-shirt designs. Aimed towards young people who love fashion, art, photography and music.

A few weeks ago we did the shoot for the t-shirt photography in areas around Manchester.
I helped out with photography/modelling and shot some footage for the behind the scenes video.

It was a great day and the photography has come out brilliantly!

The T-shirts are now available to buy at the Trash Threads launch night which is at BaaBar Fallowfield, Manchester, Thursday 8th December, 8pm - So be sure to come along if you're free and in the area!

The T-shirts will also be soon available to purchase on ASOS Marketplace..

Below is the finished/edited video I've made from the days footage:

Please be sure to check out their Facebook: Trash Threads
Twitter: @TrashThreads

H xx

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